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Local 17 helps thousands of Western New Yorkers earn more money, better benefits, and a more secure retirement.

Our union works with employers to improve workplace safety and provide training opportunities to grow careers.

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More Money​.
Union members earn an average of 19% more. Find out how Local 17 can negotiate bigger paychecks with your current boss.
Better Benefits​.
95% of union members have access to high-quality, private insurance.
Ask Local 17 to help you lower healthcare premiums, reduce out-of-pocket expenses, and earn paid vacation that you can afford to use.
Secure Retirement.
Union members are 40% more likely to earn retirement benefits paid for by their employer.
Retire with more freedom and less stress with Local 17 in your corner.
Training Opportunities​.
Earn-while-you-learn with negotiated training opportunities.
Sign up to learn how Local 17 can help advance your career and land high-paying jobs.

Join Local 17 With Your Current Job!

Local 17 is about more than cranes, construction sites, and a world-class apprenticeship program. We represent stationary engineers, machinists, maintenance workers, and many others. Talk with a business agent about getting your workplace into the union. The only thing you have to lose is a smaller paycheck.
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